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Services Provided

Our mainstream business is in the eradication and management of woodworm infestation, fungal decay and the effects of dampness in buildings. What makes us different from the others is that we endeavour to use "Alternative" treatments and applications which are kinder to our environment and the beings around us. In addition, we provide the following...

Technical Surveying - Without a doubt, the best equipment any surveyor could possess are eyes, ears, nose, knowledge and common sense. To help us along we also use Fibre Optics, Moisture Profiling/Data Systems and Digital Photography Equipment alone with all the computing hard/software and know how to back it all up.

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A brief working example is shown in (Fig 1). This photo shows a decorative wall panel, behind which we suspected was harbouring Dry Rot. We carefully core drilled a small hole allowing us to insert the Fibre Optics. (Can you see where we cut the hole?) (Fig 2) shows an advanced and truly active outbreak of Dry Rot Mycelium. (Fig 3) shows the deteriorating condition of a built in joist end above the ceiling of the said panelling which also acts as the first floor joist.

Moisture Profiling - There are many types of damp which may affect a property. If not diagnosed properly, providing the solution may be a hit or miss situation, ultimately running into additional expense, or in fact creating expense that doesn’t need to be applied in the first place. Where applicable, we’ll supply a computer print out showing the moisture profile. This will also act as a monitoring tool whilst managing the problem.

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Other Services on offer..

  • Property Maintenance and Continued Monitoring/Inspections
  • Tender Document Preparation
  • Timber Engineering using Epoxy Resins
  • Re-construction of Historic and Decorative Cornice/Plaster. (Fig 4)
  • Independent Advice.

,b>Alder Timber Preservation is a multi-purpose company that can be employed to carry out remedial contract works "Greener Alternative" fashion, or to act on an independent consultancy basis.

For further details please contact our office in whichever mode of communication that suits you!

"Monarda House"
Boblainy, Kiltarlity
Tel: 01463 741128
Mobile: 07740 982445