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Dear Mr McLellan

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the highly professional and delightful service which you have provided us.

When we first learned that we had timber defects, the depression instantly set in as we have had these experiences with other properties in the past. But rather than take the whole place apart and flood the walls with poison, as the majority of your competitiors would probably do, you provided a very realistic "Greener Alternative" by opting to "manage" our property over the coming years instead of doing it all at once. The fact that you proposed to deal with the problem at source, i.e. stop the water coming in and doing minimal but necessary works internally, has saved us a great deal of money and inconvenience.

At our time of life, we are interested in these long term guarantees. The fact that you have installed your moisture monitoring system and propose to come around twice a year to check up on things gives us far more peace of mind than any paper guarantees. We think that the idea of having your "Property Log Book" which is updated after each visit a great idea as we now need not worry about the fabric of our home as we know it is now in the hands of the professional. And for a very reasonable cost, we must add.

Finally, we would just like to pay tribute to your ment, particularly Ali & Bill, as well as the various sub-trades, for the concern and tidiness and overall good nature they demonstrated whilst working in our home. They are a credit to Alder Timber Preservation. We would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to anyone.

We look forward to seeing you during your next programmed visit.


Dear Pat
We are writing to say how much we appreciated the quality of the services provided by Alder Timber Preservation. We are glad that we decided to have you look over the timbers in our country house before we bought it. We feel assured that the work you have now done has removed much of the uncertainty a new owner faces over the fabric of such a property.

At all stages of the process, from the initial survey through to the on site work and the administration, we felt confident that our interests were uppermost. All the staff we had contact with executed their tasks with skill and care, providing helpful advice on related questions along the way.

We were pleased to be told when you opened up the areas of concern that the actual works required were less than that estimated, which meant less disturbance. We were particularly pleased, though, when you adjusted down the invoice amount to reflect this!

While we hope not to have to use timber specialists frequently, we recognise that there will, over the years, be a certain amount of maintenance and preventative work to be done on our house. Our experience will encourage us to re-employ you and to recommend Alder Timber Preservation to others.

Ken & Helen Forman
By Nairn

Dear Sirs
At Oasis, we have been very happy with the work Alder Timber Preservation carried out within our Inverness shop. We have been pleasantly surprised, as the engineers have been very professional and great fun! They have adhered to and respected our in-store rules and regulations and have taken great care that our products around the works have been fully protected and never damaged. We will be using Alder Timber Preservation in the future and are happy to recommend them to others.

Roz MacFarlane

"Monarda House"
Boblainy, Kiltarlity
Tel: 01463 741128
Mobile: 07740 982445