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Welcome to the Alder Timber Preservation Ltd web site. We have developed this web site to allow you to get to know our products and services a bit better, as well as make all of our information available to you 24 hours a day. The following is a message from the proprietor of the company...

Over the last 15 years I have worked my way up through the ranks of two of Britain’s larger Timber Preservation companies and there is one predominant fact which keeps re-occurring and that is It’s time for a change!

For years this industry has been greatly influenced by:

a) The requirement of long term guarantees (mainly within the Domestic sector).
b) The minimalistic attitudes of the more conservationist side of the Commercial/Historical sector.

With regards to actual Timber Preservation works required, at one end of the scale there is the need or stipulated requirement of long-term guarantees, especially within the Domestic Housing Markets. This often results in unnecessary disruption of perfectly sound building fabric, excessive chemical release into our delicate environment, followed by the associated over-spend, which of course the high margined contractor will kindly help you with!

At the other end of the scale in the Commercial/Historic Building sector, total eradication or management of the problems is often not achieved due to lack of understanding of the problem itself and/or practical experience.

The main objective of Alder Timber Preservation Ltd is to respond to the aforementioned by offering “Greener Alternatives, Attitudes and Applications” to these problems at sensible rates therefore placing ourselves right in the middle of these extremes.

The people involved in Alder Timber Preservation Ltd can draw on over 25 years of combined experiences within this industry. We have the benefit of knowing what does and does not work gained through trial and error over the years. Whilst the customer is always King, we mustn’t loose sight of what is the most beneficial as well as economically practical for the historic and modern buildings we tend to. If skilled time and consideration is applied to each individual situation, alternative and compromised solutions can be achieved, therefore, benefiting all those concerned including the building itself. The key to this success is...

  • Experience
  • A Technical Surveying capacity
  • Property Maintenance (preventative and regular)
  • Continued Monitoring
  • Practical Applications (minimising chemical intervention)
  • Optional long term Guarantees
  • Client Communication by speaking plain English before, during and after sales.

It is these principal attitudes and applications that have proven to be a success. This is underlined by a proven track record. The end result is summed up in one old fashioned word.. Trust

Managing Director

"Monarda House"
Boblainy, Kiltarlity
Tel: 01463 741128
Mobile: 07740 982445